Before and During Joining

1. For an entity to join they have to be one or more of the following:
a) A registered organization
b) A sole trader's business network
c) A non-profit project (registered or not) providing value to the wider internet or humanity
2. For entities joining under 1c, STACIX decides on the application on a case-by-case basis.
3. If you are cross connecting from transport, or your port is remote for any other reason, please note this in your connection request.
4. Be transparent when you join. Do not provide false or misleading information.

On the Peering LAN

1. The only ethertypes allowed are ARP, IPv4 and IPv6.
2. If you have an open peering policy, you should peer with the route servers. This isn't mandatory, but highly recommended.
3. If you peer with at least one route server, you have to peer with all route servers.
4. Do not announce any prefixes other than your customers' and your own.
5. Do not send any traffic to members for prefixes other than the ones announced to you, even if you know the destination is on their network.